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Cheers to the Felines and Canines! The Pet Bar is now open!

The Founders
Taryn L. Nahm
Co-Founder, CEO, 239-682-9774
Kai G. Pfretzschner
Co-Founder, Mixologist, Lab Guru
Norman Richter
Co-Founder, Graphic Designer
Social Media Specialist
Ever wonder who is behind the scenes of our social media?! Meet Ally and her cat Ashur! They are responsible for running our FaceBook, Twitter and Instagram! You can thank them for all of the fun filled content! She also runs @catwiththeirtonguesout so make sure you check out her other Instagram for a Catastic time! Have something that you would like to share? Send it her way at
In the Press
"Pet Winery's Screaming Bonito cat ice cream is formulated with fish flakes and goat milk. Top it off with Kitty Sprinkles for a sundae treat your feline bestie will adore!"
The Cat's Meow - Fabulous Feline Finds
Modern Cat Magazine - June 01, 2021
"“We celebrate special occasions with our pets and include them in almost every aspect of our lives, so it’s fitting to be able to pop open a bottle of champagne, or crack open a bottle of wine and share this with them as well,” says Nahm."
National Drink Wine With Your Cat Week - February 12, 2018
"Has your dog or cat ever looked you in the eye as if to say “I need a drink” in pet language?"
This Pet Winery Makes ‘Wines’ For Dogs And Cats (And It’s Brilliant)
Huffington Post - October 16, 2017
"The faux-boozy beverages also have super-cute names and can be enjoyed (responsibly) by felines and canines alike."
You & Your Pet Can Now Take On Happy Hour Together
College Candy - October 13, 2017
"Well, thanks to Pet Winery (you read that correctly), you can now stock Fido’s bar—because he has a bar, right?"
This Pet Winery Makes ‘Wines’ For Dogs And Cats (And It’s Brilliant)
Pure Wow - October 12, 2017
"The cat wine is said to make them euphoric and very lively"
Dog Perignon, the wine for a fine living Fido
Daily Mail - March 25, 2017
"“Uh...what is cat wine?”"
Do You Feed Your Kitty "Cat Wine"?
Food52 - February 17, 2017
"Pogash described it as cat “happy hour,” which no doubt helped — that’s an event no self-respecting cat person can turn down"
Pet Owners Can Rejoice at Cat Wine Tastings
Grub Street - February 17, 2017
"“That’s the greatest thing ever,” said Savannah Thrasher, 23, a medical biller who was at the Cat Town Café here. “It would be good if my cat can enjoy wine with me,” she said."
Something Else to Enjoy With Your Cat: Happy Hour
The New York Times - February 17, 2017
"Meanwhile, Nahm says their product is differentiated by their use of salmon oil."
The Cat Wine Industry Is Fraught With Drama - February 17, 2017
"Nahm, however, doesn't see any issue with Pet Winery's emergence on the scene."
Cat Wine Is The Purr-fect Excuse To Drink With With Your Pet - February 17, 2017
"Another night in with the cat? Well, if you're having a glass of vino it's only fair to treat your furry friend to one too."
Meowsling 'cat wine' is now available in Manchester
Manchester Evening News - February 03, 2017
Nie wiesz co twoje zwierzę będzie robiło w Sylwestra? Kup mu wino!
- December 22, 2016
Cat wine: Toast the end of this godforsaken election with your pet
The Daily Dot - November 09, 2016
DogWine and CatWine – Cheers to your Pets!
Eye on South Florida - November 03, 2016
Five things I am Loving Lately
Choupette's Diary - December 19, 2016
"Your pet faithfully welcomes you home every day, so why not share your Happy Hour with your best buddy?"
A gift guide for pampered pets
News Press - December 15, 2016
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