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Raise a glass to your furry BFFs!

January 23, 2017

Tea Party for your Pets! 


Tea Party for your Pets! 

Cat Tea and Dog Tea has launched this week from! This tea is a custom brew for your crew that is healthy and delicious. Now Break out the tea set and brew up a batch today.


Fort Myers, FL– Florida based Pet Winery has done it again with yet another clever human favorite turned pet friendly! Tea time for the pets with 2 special formulations, KitTEA bags for the cats and DoggieTEA bags for the dogs!


The KitTEA bags come in tin cans that are filled with 6 tea bags. Each tea bag has a blend of Catnip and Valerian root. The mixture helps to make cats playful and silly. Geared to please even the pickiest of cats. 

The DoggieTEA bags also come in tin cans with 6 tea bags.  Each tea bag has a blend of Dillseed, Dandelion and Skull Cap. This blend of herbs is packed with health benefits and vitamins to aid in digestion and reduce gas, it will also help relieve anxiety in your pup.

The process is easy, just add 1 cup of hot water per bag and let brew for 3 minutes, remove the tea bag and add an ice cube (No burnt tongues please!) Then serve!

So whether you want to have a morning routine with your pup, or a tea party with your kitty, PetWinery is sure to meet every paws needs! Bust out your favorite tea set and and cheers to your best friend!

“Tea for our fur-friends makes the perfect pick me up”


About Petwinery: The Pet Winery was founded to create healthy beverages and treats for your feline and canine friends. They are animal enthusiasts, and work hard to make products that are non-harmful, vitamin enriched, healthy and safe for your best pawfriend. They are located in sunny Florida and only use US organic products to ensure the highest level of quality. All products are produced in a food grade lab in a ISO7 clean room.


Shop their site today—visit today. Don’t miss a beat, find them on Facebook here, or follow them on Instagram @PetWinery


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