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15 Things You Should Know Before Adopting A Chihuahua

Posted on March 01 2021

Adorable looks and trustworthy behavior make Chihuahuas an amazingly popular breed. Ironically, they are so famous that their downfall is connected with it. 

In the puppy mills, countless Chihuahua pups are born every day. Unfortunately, there are not enough homes for them, and the pups suffer. Many of them would end up in a shelter, and overbreeding in moulins means that they can hardly find a home. Adopting a Chihuahua is a perfect way to stop the problem, but you should know some things. Although there are many facts about Chihuahuas, here are 15 you should definitely know before adopting this adorable breed. 

  1. Chihuahuas have a long lifespan.

Chihuahuas’ lifespan depends on many factors and variables. Some of these aspects can be controlled by owners, while others are beyond control. Owners should be familiar with these variables, so their Chihuahuas have the longest, most fulfilling life. There is no foolproof way to predict how long they will live, but current statistics indicate that Chihuahuas can, on average, for 15 to 20 years with a caring owner. Tiny races like the Chihuahua and the Yorkshire Terriers live longer than medium to large races like the Retriever and the Mastiff of Labrador. The average life expectancy of medium to large races is 10 to 13 years.

  1. Chihuahuas are intelligent.

They learn quickly and react well to positive encouragement. Despite its small size, educating the Chihuahua is incredibly easy.

  1. Chihuahuas do not do well in cold temperatures.

They're the dogs who love to be in hot weather conditions. You must put dog clothes on your Chihuahua if you take it outside if you live in a cooler environment. Some Chihuahuas dislike cold weather and do everything they can to escape it.

  1. Chihuahuas can be trained to learn social skills. 

Because Chihuahuas are loyal to those they love, socialization is a vital aspect of their training. Many people believe that their little dogs get enough exercise during the day. Walking your pup every day will give you the requisite training and stimulate your dog so that they are happier and healthier!

  1. Chihuahuas tend to shed. 

It is rare to find a dog that does not shed, and Chihuahua certainly doesn't fit that category. Fortunately, most of them have short hair, making cleanup quick. A long-haired Chihuahua can be a little harder to manage, but a lint roller can fix it. However, you might want to look into a different race if you're looking for a hypoallergenic breed.

  1. Want to train them to use a litter box indoors? Chihuahuas are good at it!

This is one of the benefits of having a Chihuahua. Chihuahuas like their practice, just like other dogs, and also love to exercise. Don't use kitty litter in the chest of drawers since Chihuahuas eat it. Intakes of kitty litter for these small dogs can be fatal. Instead, inside the Chihuahua litter box, use the newspaper or some other organic material.

  1. Chihuahuas are easy to groom.

Chihuahuas should be bathed, and their nails must be trimmed regularly. The long-haired Chihuahua needs more brushing because it has a longer and more fuzzy cover and sheds more, so you must take extra care of them! If you get a long-haired chihuahua then you can experiment with different hairstyles.

  1. They tend to be nervous and show signals of it by barking. 

For you to preserve their fitness, it's necessary to make them learn to keep barking. Chihuahuas respond greatly to constructive strengthening instruction, but being angry with them will make barking worse. If you need assistance, search out a mentor who can appreciate this. Be sure to say no to any trainer who advises using any training collar to solve the problem. This form of training equipment has been banned in several countries throughout Europe, as it resulted in neurosis and other issues in dogs.

  1. Chihuahuas can have seizures. 

You must know that Chihuahuas are prone to seizures. There is no way to predict whether the dog you choose will encounter this problem, especially when you are thinking about adopting a puppy. Adopting an adult dog without recorded seizure occurrences might be the best option if you do not feel ready to take on this responsibility. 

  1. Chihuahuas are loyal.

Owning a Chihuahua is like winning a lottery; consider yourself a lucky human! Their instincts towards you make it your real guard and compañero. Your Chihuahua follows you for your wellbeing. They cuddle with you to show you respect, love, and loyalty. One reason your Chihuahua needs to be around you is that they will alert you if anything upsetting happens. Often, you will find your dog lying behind, facing their belly, which indicates that they love you and believe in you. 

  1. Chihuahuas are fragile and face health problems.

Something as simple as falling off the couch can easily affect them. Chihuahuas are so thin, with tiny articulations, legs, and knees. That is why they seem to be vulnerable to such health conditions when they grow older. There is no assurance that your new friend will handle all of the problems, but there is no certainty of it either. 

With low blood sugar, hypoglycemia is a more frequent concern in small breeds such as Chihuahuas. Hypoglycemic symptoms include sluggishness, slow motion, shuddering, and tremors. Serious hypoglycemia can lead to convulsions, coma, and even death.

Chihuahuas are vulnerable to allergic reactions, specifically in autumn and spring. Many vets suggest Zyrtec or Benadryl for allergy relief. Check with your doctor to see what your dog wants, and make sure your veterinarian approves all medications you want to use.

  1. If you live in a small house or an apartment, this breed is great for you!

Due to its tiny size, an apartment has plenty of space for a Chihuahua to hang out. Their small bodies can easily be adapted to your small environment. You can potty train them, making them the best pet to have in the house.

  1. This breed is your hitman/bodyguard

Yeah, that means sometimes they will go so far as to bite people closest to them. If you begin with a puppy early, you can change this behavior easily. A grownup dog who has already developed this unfriendly habit is even more difficult to modify, but this can be achieved. Again, if you struggle with this behavior issue, we suggest that you search for a good trainer to help solve this problem. A good trainer will know this issue with Chihuahua and will have some constructive solutions.

  1. Your Chihuahua's adoption may take some time.

You can't just visit an animal shelter, go to your favorite four-legged inmate, and walk out of the shelter with him. That may be stressful, but it is a positive thing if you think about it. This stops you from making an impulsive decision of getting them as a pet.

  1. Adopting saves up money and life!

Saving the life of a puppy is fantastic. You care for a Chihuahua and give him a chance to have his own house. But adding that it helps you save money brings it to a new level. Adoption fees are also charged, but these fees are tiny compared to the thousands that a breeder or pet shop would pay.

Since you made it till here, we might as well give you some extra tips to take care of your adopted Chihuahua. 

How should you feed your pet Chihuahua?

Fuel a range of foods in your Chihuahua so that they are not accustomed to one form of food only. When your Chihuahua refuses to eat, try not to give in; they soon learn to avoid unique or unfamiliar foods. There would be a substantial chance of hypoglycemia if a selective eater declined to eat the food you offer. It is also a good idea to keep Karo Syrup ready to stabilize blood sugar levels rapidly. Don't feed Chihuahuas table scraps because pancreatitis in this kind of food can grow from too much fat. And make sure to choose the right kind of treat for them within limits!

Some extra tips to sum it up

It is vital to keep the floor free from stuff that can cause any damage or make your Chihuahua choke – they have very limited airways and stomachs that can be unsafe for even small objects. It's incredibly important to search under the beds and dressers in the hotel before you let the Chihuahua roam freely. It's not rare in these areas to find pesticides, so make sure to check everything before your dog roams around to avoid them eating all these traps!

Try to always keep your Chihuahua in a harness instead of fancy collars. Chihuahuas have very fragile short necks. Although those collars make them look cute, it is better to go with a harness and not a collar. Your Chihuahua would feel extra comfortable walking with a leash since they will not feel the discomfort.


We know that when you see a great dog in a film or a park, you want to get a dog right away. But please note, each dog breed has both advantages and disadvantages. Chihuahuas owing to their huge population, have less abundant shelters. They are the second-most rehomed in the country. We hope you can add Chihuahua and save a life and make them feel like your family. Hope all these tips helped you with these cuddle bugs to make life easier to adopt them right away!

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