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5 Dog Grooming Tips for Puppy Parents

Posted on October 21 2022

Now that you have a new puppy, it is time to start thinking about grooming and overall care. Grooming is about more than aesthetics. Regular cleanings and hair trims are essential to a dog having healthy hygiene and a longer life.

Helping a puppy adjust to a grooming routine can be a little tricky, but fortunately, there are some basic guidelines you can follow to ensure proper hygiene. Read on to learn about five dog grooming tips for puppy parents.

Puppy type

The type of puppy you have will determine how you need to groom it. When you adopt a puppy, you should learn as much as possible about the breed and health history. For instance, if you visit an adoption center with golden retrievers for sale, you should ask the staff for more information on grooming and feeding golden retrievers. 

Features of your puppy to consider when analyzing their grooming routine include fur length and texture, ear and eye shape, and eating habits.

Dental hygiene 

Don't forget to include your puppy's teeth as a grooming routine. Dental hygiene can seriously impact your dog's health, and starting early with your puppy can prevent problems.

You can support your puppy's dental hygiene by massaging their gums and brushing their teeth with a soft rubber toothbrush. You can also give them chewing treats designed to clean their teeth. 

Trim your dog's nails

In addition to your puppy's teeth, you will also need to take care of their nails. Overgrown nails are uncomfortable for your puppy and can lead to infections. Examine your puppy's nails during bathtime and trim them if they are too long. Depending on the breed, you may also need to cut the hair that grows between the pads on the underside of their feet. 

Maintain grooming between appointments

You should maintain a grooming routine between professional appointments for optimal puppy hygiene. Brush out your puppy's hair regularly to prevent tangles or matting.

If your dog has longer hair, it may get in the way of its eyes or nose as it grows. Most dog groomers will give a long-haired dog some bangs to address this problem, but you will need to trim the bangs at home between haircuts. 

Make it a happy time for your puppy

As your puppy gets used to grooming sessions, try to make it a positive experience. Grooming supports your puppy's well-being, so they will have an easier time if they associate it with relaxing and luxurious treatment. It’s a one of many valuable tips to keep your dog happy.

Slowly brush your puppy to help them get used to the feeling, and incorporate massages into your bathtime routine. It might help puppies if they can play with small toys during grooming. Other dogs enjoy shampoos that have aromatherapy scents that help to soothe them. 

Final thoughts

There are a few things to remember when getting a new puppy. Generally, puppy's have similar grooming needs to humans. They require baths, haircuts, clean teeth, and trimmed nails. As long as you pay attention to your puppy's needs, you can keep them healthy, clean, and beautiful.