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6 Features That You'll Need in a Calming Bed for Your Puppy

Posted on December 05 2021

When your furry friend spends most of the time indoors, it is essential to provide a comfortable place to relax. Many pets will find cozy spots to curl up in, but if your dog has mobility problems or other issues that limit its ability to get around on its own, you may need to provide a soft place to lie down that is easy for your dog to access. 

If you're in search of a bed to keep your furry friend comfortable, then this article is for you. Here are several crucial features to consider when looking for a calming dog bed for your puppy.



Your new bed should be big enough for your dog to stretch out but not so large that the dog gets overwhelmed by the size. A good rule of thumb is to find a bed that is at least as wide and long as your dog's tall. If your dog is huge, you may even want to consider buying two beds for maximum comfort.


Deep Walls

If the walls of your bed are too shallow, then your dog will have a difficult time getting in and out on its own because it won't be able to use the edges of the bed to push off. For some dogs, this barrier can also create a sense of insecurity. Look for beds that have deep walls so that your dog will be able to get in and out on its own quickly.


A Raised Edge With Support

Many pet owners commit the mistake of purchasing beds without edges or only slight edges. These types of beds can cause problems for your pet. Your dog may resort to sleeping on the ground because it cannot get in and out of bed effectively. So, look for a calming dog bed that has something sturdy at the back so your dog can push its way up quickly.


 A Non-Skid Bottom

A non-skid bottom will ensure that your bed stays in place, even if your dog is a restless sleeper or likes to move around a lot. It is an essential feature, especially if you have limited space in your home. Your dog will also be more comfortable if the bed stays in one place. 


A Washable Cover

If your dog spends time lounging around on its new bed, then you'll want to make sure that the cover is machine-washable because accidents are inevitable. Also, consider whether or not you want a waterproof cover to protect the bed from moisture. 

When your dog spends considerable time on its bed, you'll want to make sure that the material can withstand repeated laundering. Many pet owners recommend down-alternative fillings cushions because these are resistant to dust mites and do not retain odors.


A Variety Of Colors And Styles

If your dog has a favorite color or style, then you might want to consider choosing a bed that matches its preferences. But, if you own more than one pet and they like different things, it's best to select a neutral-colored bed to not stand out in the room and make the other pets jealous.


A Soft Surface

Finally, make sure to buy a calming dog bed with a soft surface. It is essential for your dog's comfort and will help to ensure that your pup gets a good night's sleep. A smooth surface is also beneficial if your dog has joint pain or mobility problems because it's easier to get on and off the bed. 

When you're shopping for a calming bed for your puppy, be sure to keep these features in mind. They will help ensure that your dog stays comfortable and safe while resting.