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7 Reasons to Give Your Cat CBD Infused Crunchy Cat Treats

Posted on April 13 2020

7 Reasons to Give Your Cat CBD Infused Crunchy Cat Treats


Did you know that owning a cat can reduce your stress levels? Well, it can! And we all know the implications on health that stress can have, with heart disease perhaps the most notable. With the beneficial impact cats have on us, it’s no surprise that we want the best for our furry friends 

Cats, like humans, fall sick. But the difference is that they hide the signs. Providing your cat with healthy natural supplements that boost their immunity is crucial. CBD-infused crunchy cat treats can be a great option. The CBD-infused supplements help your cat to relax and provide several other health benefits. 

The stigma around cannabis is quickly fading. Users now know the health benefits that they offer to both humans and pets. Their popularity is growing fast especially with increased legalization. Today, you can get quality cannabis seeds and grow your farm at home. 

Besides, there’s something for everyone at cheap rates. If you’re considering using CBD to improve your cat’s health then this guide will help you understand how it works and its benefits. 

How Do CBD-Infused Treats Work?



All mammals, cats included, have an endocannabinoid system (ECS). The ECS is made up of cannabinoid receptors that help the body function properly. The receptors are mainly in the central nervous system and other important organs. The cannabinoids of CBD are drawn to these receptors and, in turn, help them function.


Studies suggest that CBD can improve and optimize body functions. By working with the receptors, CBD delivers various health benefits to your cat.


So, should you feed your cat with CBD-infused treats? The evidence suggests yes. Here are some of the top reasons CBD can improve the quality of your cat’s life.


1. CBD May Help Treat Arthritis Pain

Arthritis in cats can result from infection or injury. The signs of joint inflammation include swollen, painful joints or lack of energy. If your cat experiences difficulties when moving, she may be suffering from arthritis. Observing a proper diet can help relieve the disorder. You can consider medications or supplements like CBD treats as well.


CBD has anti-inflammatory properties that can fight joint inflammation and may prevent its spread. Researchers, using a rat model with acute inflammation, discovered that CBD can help reduce pain. CBD produces antihyperalgesic effects. It activates and desensitizes the vanilloid receptor in the brain. This lessens the increased sensitivity to pain. 


2. CBD May Ease Stress and Anxiety

Stress and anxiety can have debilitating effects on your feline friend. Cats experience stress and anxiety at different levels just like humans. Some of the causes of these disorders include environmental changes, conflicts or poor relations with other cats or people. 


Mild stress may not be harmful but prolonged stress can cause health issues. If your cat's health starts deteriorating you may notice symptoms such as behavioral issues and decreased appetite.


Research shows that CBD can be effective in fighting stress and anxiety. It controls the production of the major stress hormone, cortisol. CBD also has an influence on the receptors in the cat’s brain that control neurological activities and regulate mood. This changes the brain’s response to stress signals enabling the cat to handle the disorders.


3. CBD May Alleviate Epileptic Seizures

Cats can suffer from epilepsy. The brain disorder can trigger abrupt, uncontrolled, and frequent physical attacks on your cat. The frequency and seriousness of the disorder can vary. The leading cause of seizures is brain damage or related brain conditions. 


The investigation on how CBD may treat epileptic seizures is still ongoing. Although researchers have yet to discover exactly how CBD for cats works, the preliminary results are promising. A 2015 study suggests that the cannabidiol was effective in lowering severity and the rate of recurrence of the seizures. 



4. CBD May Calm Your Cat’s Bad Attitude 

The sight of a bad-tempered cat isn’t appealing, and sometimes, frightening! Grumpy cats normally suffer from hormonal imbalance, low energy levels or other underlying health issues. This condition can be serious, exposing you or your children to an aggressive animal. 


Curing this condition involves finding the root cause and alleviating it. Some of the contributing factors may be health issues such as anxiety. Fortunately, CBD may effectively alleviate anxiety, improving the cat’s mood.  


Furthermore, CBD also helps in maintaining optimum body functioning. It interacts with receptors in the brain that control mood and hormone production. Keeping the hormones at suitable levels may help in taming the cat’s attitude


5. CBD May Help Treat Inflammatory Bowel Disease (IBD)

IBD is a general term for disorders that cause chronic inflammation in the digestive system. The inflammations are a result of the immune system fighting harmless bacteria, virus or food in the gastrointestinal system. 


The effects of the inflammation result in changes in the digestive system. They interfere with the cat’s digestion and absorption of nutrients. Some of the symptoms of IBD include diarrhea and weight loss. 


CBD has powerful anti-inflammatory properties that may help your cat overcome IBD. It effectively contains the inflammation thus reducing swelling and distresses that come from the disorder. 


A 2011 study investigated the effects of CBD on mice with inflammation. The results suggested that CBD played a significant role in reducing inflammation. They even found out that CBD can help prevent inflammation.


6. CBD is Good for Overall Wellness

CBD has great health properties that improve the overall wellness of your cat. Adding CBD infused crunchy treats to the cat’s diet boosts their immunity and enables them to prevent some diseases from developing. 


The benefits of CBD are plenty. CBD alleviates the disorders disturbing your cat. By stopping and eliminating the conditions, your cat can lead a quality life. 



CBD treats for cats are great. They are safe, and research has shown that they may treat various conditions effectively. Most pet owners love CBD because it has no properties that make the cat high. Besides, it is better than most pharmaceuticals because it doesn’t have major side effects.


They have several therapeutic benefits and can improve your cat’s health. The above reasons should help you decide whether to adapt CBD-infused cat treats. Although there are many forms of administering CBD to your cats like pills or oil drops, crunchy treats might be the best form. 


If you’re considering using CBD for your cat, start by consulting a veterinarian. It is important that you give the cat the right dosage. The general rule is to begin with small amounts and increase the dosage gradually according to the response.