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7 Ways To Make Your Home More Cat-Friendly

Posted on August 09 2022

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7 Ways To Make Your Home More Cat-Friendly 

Whether you adopt or take in a stray cat, it is important that you make the necessary changes around your home so that your belongings are protected, and your feline friend is safe and happy. There can be a lot to remember when it comes to making your house cat-friendly, so we have composed this list of helpful tips that you can use in the preparation for your new housemate.


1. Give Them A Room With A View

If there is anything that cats love, it is gazing out the window for hours. We never know what they are thinking, but we know they are having a lovely time. If you keep your cats in a certain room a lot of the time, then make sure it is one with at least one window. To make things easier, set up a perch so they can lay or sit comfortably. That can be a shelf that you build specifically for the purpose or a chair next to the window where they can sit.


2. Pet-Safe Furniture

While cats and other pets mean well, they can still be very tough on furniture as they climb up to look out that window or come to snuggle your neck. Instead of forcing them off of your favorite chair, invest in some pet-friendly furniture. Consider going with leather as it is a resilient fabric that won’t absorb stains and spills. It is also very easy to vacuum when necessary. 


3. Protect Your Chairs 

There are other protections that you can try if you can’t stop your cats from going onto your chairs and couches. One idea is to put slipcovers over all of your furniture. In addition to avoiding scratches on your actual chairs, a slipcover will capture that unsightly pet hair. If you don’t want the cats climbing on the furniture at all, then you can also try putting cat scratch tape on the legs. Cats don’t like the feel and stickiness of the double-sided tape, so they are more likely to stay away.

Instead of allowing them to have their way with your furniture, you can buy a high-quality pet bed so they can lay in their favorite spot. If they love to climb on a certain chair, then it may be the space itself that they like. Instead of your furniture, buy a nice scratching post and place it in that area.


4. Keep Cats Safe Around Cords

While you want to protect your belongings, you also need to ensure the health of your cats, so keep dangerous hazards out of the way. A common danger is the cords that are attached to the lamps and other electronics in the room. Instead of moving those items out of the space, you can keep cats from chewing on the cords by enclosing them in a protective wrapping. Rubber tubing or PVC piping works best. 

You can hide the tubing behind your furniture, so it isn’t an eyesore. Another idea is to coat the cord with a substance like Vicks VapoRub, that cats tend to avoid due to the smell. If they are obsessed with chewing, then give them something safe like cardboard or a toy as an alternative.


5. Think About The Outdoors Too

While you may not have an outdoor cat, you still want to make sure that they are safe if they happen to get outside. Cats like to climb trees, and they can also try to eat things around your yard that may be toxic, so make it a point to scour your yard and remove anything dangerous before you bring a cat home. 

If your cat is okay being outside for short spurts, then you should at least put a cat leash on them so you can still allow some freedom without the fear of them running away. Another idea is to add a fenced-in area, or “catio,” to the back of your house, so your cat can go out when they please without the risk of harm.


6. Get Sleep When Cats Come To Bed

Ask enough cat owners, and you will discover that most of them allow their cats to sleep in the bed with them, and many owners actually prefer the arrangement. While it happens, it isn’t always recommended because your cat can move around and disrupt your sleep. If that is your issue, then you can engage in an intense play session before bed, so they get tired. 

You might also try putting an automatic feeder in the hall so your pet can get food without disturbing you during the night. You should also put some toys in the hall, so they have something to play with if they get restless.


7. Start A Cleaning Routine

Even if you implement all of these strategies, cat owners still need to deal with the reality that most cats are going to leave hair everywhere. In order to keep your house looking its best, implement a cleaning routine that you complete every week. That process should include the daily scooping of litter boxes (have several throughout the house), washing furniture fabrics, vacuuming with a HEPA vacuum cleaner, and wiping down all of your counters. Complete this routine every week, and you will keep your house in good shape.

As you can see, there are many ways that you can make your home cat-friendly and enjoy the splendor of your furry friend. Consider these tips, and you and your pets can happily coexist.