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A Day in The Life of a Rescue Dog

Posted on August 03 2018

A day in the life of a rescue dog

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Recently, the “adopt don’t shop” movement has had a surge, becoming extremely popular in social media, and relatively so in practice. But what exactly is this movement about, and what dogs does it refer to?

Adopt don’t shop

This movement is about adopting or rescuing dogs that are not bought in expensive establishments, whether purebred or not. It’s for those dogs that don’t have an easy life. It refers to abandoned dogs, or dogs that never had a home to begin with. Whether in pounds, or on the streets, none of them really have a good life.

In many occasions, dogs are bought as puppies, but the owners are not aware of the responsibility that owning a dog really is. And when these puppies make a mess, pee on the floor, or eat something they shouldn’t have (things all puppies do at the beginning), the owners decide it is not worth the effort. Sadly, when this happens, it is rare for the current owner to make the effort of finding the puppy a new home, and instead they drop them off by the road, leaving them to fend for themselves.

Other times, the owners are able to handle the puppies but once they are old, and they consider the excitement gone, or they have medical needs the owners can’t handle, they abandon them by the road as well.

No matter the age, the dog will never understand why it was abandoned, and will always hope its owner comes back. They are often unable to feed themselves, and do not move from the spot they were left for fear of missing their owners if they return.

This usually ends in the dog being badly dehydrated and underfed, and not always do they encounter a good person to rescue them. Dogs left in pounds have a better chance, correct, but not as good a chance as they deserve, given that many dogs do not have the fortune of being in a no kill shelter, and when the shelter is filled to capacity, many are put down. Other dogs are mistreated by their owners badly, and are rescued from their abusive homes.

Before the rescue

Translation:”I’m definitely a miracle”... #beforeandafter (Photo taken from Cristina Saguer on Facebook)

To give a better example of what rescue dogs suffer, here is the story of Olivia, a dog that was rescued by Emilie Pohl and adopted by Cristina Saguer from El Salvador.

Olivia is one of Cristina’s rescue dogs. She was found in a near a store, extremely dehydrated and underfed, in dangerous conditions. She had not eaten in a long time-too long. Emilie asked the store owner to keep the dog around, and she would later pick her up. When they arrived to pick her up, it was raining heavily and Olivia (who didn’t have a name at that time) was sitting in a puddle of mud in the rain.  

Emilie’s husband took Olivia and helped her climb into the car, which she did without any fear of harm and they wrapped her up in blankets, after which they took her immediately to a hospital that also served as shelter. When she first arrived at the shelter, Cristina laid eyes on her and immediately fell in love, she was determined to adopt her.

This is how Olivia looked the first time Cristina saw her. (Picture provided by Cristina Saguer)

When Cristina met her, Olivia was not even able to walk, barely being able to stand up!

The first time Olivia and Cristina met  (Picture provided by Cristina Saguer)

At the shelter, they fed her and kept her with antibiotics, and Olivia began making progress. She was getting better, slowly but surely.

This is how Olivia looked after a week of antibiotics, food and water.  (Picture provided by Cristina Saguer)

Eventually, Olivia was able to meet her soon to be sister, Sofia! They got along right away, since Olivia was not a shy dog.

Olivia meeting Sofia for the first time.  (Picture provided by Cristina Saguer)

Eventually, Cristina was able to take Olivia home with her!

When rescued (first days)

Translation: “That was me on the shelter when I was in very bad health due to living in the streets and that is me, two months later, happy in my parents’ bed”... (Photo taken from Cristina Saguer on Facebook)

It was a tough recovery road for Olivia, but eventually Cristina was able to take her home. Soon, she was healthy, eating normal food and drinking water as she pleased. She became a loving and happy dog who enjoys being playful and lazy at times. Her parents couldn’t be happier with Olivia, a fighter who never gave up hope!

This was Olivia after her first bath, going on her first walk.  (Picture provided by Cristina Saguer)

Finally home, Olivia could not have been happier!


Translation:”My days are now filled with love and happiness”... (Picture from Cristina Saguer on Facebook)

Olivia now spends her days happily with her family, playing with both her human and dog siblings, as well as her parents. She goes on trips with the whole family, and thoroughly enjoys them! She especially loves the beach, bathing in the sea and rolling around in the sand.

Translation:”I loved the beach”... (Picture from Cristina Saguer on Facebook)

Her dog sibling, Sofia, is another rescue dog, who now lives happily with their family. And just like Sofia and Olivia, there are many heartfelt stories out there of dogs that were given a first or second chance, and that took advantage of it. These are Cristina’s little miracles, and you can have one too, if you adopt, don’t shop!

For every rescue dog, there are many other dogs that did not get this chance at life, many who did not make it this far, and many being abandoned as you read this. Make a change by going to your nearest shelter, or simply keeping an eye out every time you head out for a dog in need! Make a dog very happy by adopting, or rescuing, and you will never miss any love!



By: Sarah Black