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Raise a glass to your furry BFFs!

Clever (and Safe) Ways to Include Your Cat in Your Wedding

Posted on January 31 2022

Image Source: Unsplash


Clever (and Safe) Ways to Include Your Cat in Your Wedding


Modern weddings are getting more creative all the time. Some people opt for more traditional approaches, while others make the day feel more like a big party. However you decide to celebrate your ceremony, there’s one thing almost every wedding has in common – they all include your closest friends and family members. 

If you and your partner are cat-lovers and have a precious feline companion at home, you might be considering whether to include them in your big day. 

Most people have seen dogs involved in weddings. Whether they’re carrying a sign down the aisle or simply sitting up by the happy couple at the altar, it’s become quite common for canines to join in on wedding ceremonies. But, you probably haven’t seen as many cats involved in weddings. 

Is there a reason for that? 

If you love your furry feline friend, it’s natural to want them to be a part of your special day. But, can you make it happen while keeping them safe while ensuring your guests are comfortable, too? Not everyone loves cats, and some people have to deal with fears and allergies, so being mindful of them on your special day should also be a priority. 

Thankfully, with a bit of creativity and a few safety precautions, including your cat in your wedding can calm your nerves, entertain guests, and create memorable wedding photos that you’ll love looking back on forever. 

So, how can you safely include your cat on your wedding day? 


Give Them a Job

Again, it’s not uncommon to see dogs with different “jobs” at weddings. Depending on your cat’s personality, they can do just as much work to earn their part in your big day. If they can obey basic commands, having your cat walk down the aisle on their own as a ring-bearer will definitely incite some “awws” from your guests, as well as a few laughs. 

Plus, it’ll make for great photos!

Even if you don’t think your cat can make it down the aisle on their own, consider having your ring-bearer walk with them or carry them. You’ll still get the same reaction, wonderful photos, and your cat will love seeing you and your partner at the altar. As a bonus, consider dressing them up. 

Who doesn’t love a cat in a bowtie, after all? 

You might even consider carrying your cat yourself and including them in your vows. While that might seem silly to some, it’s more than appropriate if you consider your kitty to be an important part of your family. Holding your cat while sharing your vows can help to cement the idea of bringing your family together as one unit. 

Making your kitty a part of the ceremony allows them to be directly involved without requiring anyone else to “interact” with them. It can keep them at a distance from allergy sufferers or people who don’t like cats, so you won’t have to worry about your feline friend distracting anyone from the day.


Host a Cat-Themed Wedding

There are cat-themed cafes, restaurants, art galleries, and even parks all across the world. So, who says you can’t have a cat-themed wedding? 

Because your wedding should be all about your personality, it’s okay to let your love of cats come through. In fact, it can be really cute, clever, and creative if done the right way. Try some of the following ideas to incorporate a purr-worthy cat theme

  • Send out invitations with a picture of your cat, or their paw print
  • Garnish wedding favors with stickers of your cat’s face
  • Have a custom-made cat wedding cake topper
  • Put cat “names” on each table at the reception, including breeds or famous cats

Even if you aren’t able to bring your cat to the wedding itself, centering your theme around felines will let everyone know how much you love your furry friend. It’s a fantastic way to show off your creative side and to let your guests have a little bit of fun. There’s no doubt everyone in attendance will remember your wedding and its clever theme for years to come. 


Keep Your Cat Safe

Deciding to include your cat in your wedding can be easier than you think, but make sure to take the right safety precautions. The last thing you want is for your four-legged companion to get injured, sick, or lost during your celebration. 

Having an outdoor wedding is a great idea for having pets involved. But, if it’s a hot day, take some extra steps to keep them cool, including: 

  • Making sure there is available water for them to drink
  • Bringing them to an air-conditioned location as often as possible
  • Having a “shady spot” for them to rest
  • Having someone monitor them all day

There are also plenty of things your cat can get into, whether your ceremony is inside or not. Flowers are an important part of any wedding day, but some can be poisonous to your pets, so make sure to choose varieties that are safe, or keep them out of your cat’s reach. 

Additionally, any cleaning supplies, foods, or other decorations that could harm your cat should be kept away. That’s why it’s so important to have someone looking after them all day. 

As you can see, weddings aren’t just for dogs! If your cat is an important part of your family, use these tips to include them on your special day, and don’t forget to have fun with your creative, inclusive ideas.