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Hemp Infused Beer, Tincture and Spray for Pets

Posted on September 25 2018

Your pets are your dear friends. As a pet owner, wouldn’t it give you great joy if your pet could keep you company while you had that Clyde Mays Bourbon? Of course, you can’t give your furry friend just any beer. There are specially made beers and wines including hemp-infused ones which are better suited to them.

It is a great feeling to be able to care for your pet just as well as you care for yourself. Animals possess an endocannabinoid system just as we humans do. Thus, they can most definitely receive the countless health gains associated with medicinal cannabis.

Hemp Oil is a Miracle for Pets

Hemp oil is promising in terms of enhancing the quality of life of pets, chiefly dogs and cats in a manner possibly not achievable by other natural supplements. It is associated with alleviating a variety of pet troubles including aggression disorders, the tendency to spray and mark (in felines), canine dementia, noise phobias,  and best of all, increasing lifespan. If you have a pet suffering from appetite problems, anxiety, arthritis, seizures, inflammation, poor joint mobility or even cancer, chances are you can find it a suitable CBD tincture or spray to help alleviate the trouble.



Here is a lineup of some popular hemp-infused beer, tincture, and spray for pets.

  1.   Bark Brew Calm Ale

    This dog beer from Pet Winery has no hops or carbonation. In addition to the 50 mg hemp oil extract, an 8 oz bottle contains malt extract, beef, potassium sorbate, glucosamine, sodium benzoate, filtered water, and citric acid. Benefits to your canine friend include improved joint lubrication and increased joint mobility as well as defending against inflammation. Using the Bark Brew Calm Ale also helps minimize the need for NSAIDs which are associated with harmful side effects. Most importantly, it is a calming concoction.

The photo on the Bark Brew Calm Ale beer bottle may remind you of Kombucha Dog.

  1.   Peaceful Paws Calming Oil

This unique supplement which contains 150 mg of hemp oil in each bottle also has salmon oil for extra flavor. The salmon oil additionally contributes to the oil having a good percentage of omega fatty acid.

As the name indicates, the product is a calming oil. Its label reveals that it is suitable for separation issues, travel, and storms. It also works well for rehoming and grooming. 1 ml may be administered for every 10 pounds of body weight, whether on the pet’s tongue or mixed into food. The serving size may be safely increased with no need to fear side effects.

  1. CALM Line Hemp Infused Peppermint Breath Spray for Dogs

The key highlight of this breath spray for dogs is that it is made from nano-amplified cannabinoids. These are raw, all natural and minute ingredients. Cells can only take in particles in the size range of 60-80 nanometers. In contrast, nano-amplified cannabinoids are as tiny as 16 nanometers and thus, they are immediately bioavailable. Harvested from European hemp, the hemp oil used in this spray has been manufactured in the U.S.A.

The spray is suitable for easing your dog’s nervousness while giving it a nice smelling breath that comes from the peppermint.

Just as the Peaceful Paws Calm Oil is, this spray is completely cruelty-free, non-GMO and organic.

In closing, do detailed research and exercise prudence before giving your pet any hemp infused tincture, beer, spray, or marijuana seeds USA.


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