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Should Your Cats Sleep With You?

Posted on May 30 2017

Have you ever wondered how other cat owners would answer the question … “Do you let your cats sleep with you at night?

Well The Purrignton Post decided to find out, so they ran a quick 24-hour survey on our Twitter feed and here’s what came back:

There were nearly 300 responses and 88% of them said ‘Yes’.  We’ll have to take that as an overwhelming majority!  >^..^<

Interestingly it seems that most people ask the question whether it’s healthy/advisable for people to let their cats sleep with them (more on that below), but few (if any) seem to ask whether it’s beneficial for the cats themselves. So we asked our pal and cat expert Dr. Lynn Bahr what she thought, and here’s what Lynn had to say:

“From a cat’s point of view, it’s completely natural to sleep with loved ones. During the first few weeks of their lives, kittens stay tightly knitted together for warmth, security, and safety. For many, it is a habit they retain into adulthood choosing to curl up next to their owners for the same companionship and comfort they had when they were young.

Not only is sleeping with a cat good for humans, it is particularly good for the health and well-being of the cat too.” 

Want to read see the full article and learn more?! Then head on over to our friends at The Purrington Post here! Should Your Cats Sleep with you - The Purrington Post