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Thank you to the CatWine Originators

Posted on August 10 2016

Happy Wine Wednesday! We here at are PROUD to be a part of such a wonderful day by providing non-alcoholic treats for our favorite felines in our life!


Today we want to give a SPECIAL thanks to the ORIGINATORS of Cat Wine! Without them we wouldn’t be here today!


Nyan Nyan Nouveau are the creators of Cat Wine. They  are a Japanese company who coined the term “Never Drink Alone” and helped pave the way for Humans and their Felines to cheers each other.


Unfortunatley, Nyan Nyan Nouveau used grapes in their cat wine, which as we know can result in kidney failure in cats.


However, wants to acknowledge that we may not be the first Cat Wine on the market, but we are the BEST! We have created a unique formula that is Purrrfectly safe for our friends with an extra long shelf life and a desirable taste. Water based, Catnip infused and Vitamin enriched, whats not to love?! 


So head on over to, order yourself a bottle today, say a Cheers to, Nyan Nyan , the cat wine originators, but most importantly……ENJOY!


Thanks to all our Furrfriends and Human Companions