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The Best Ways to Exercise with Your Dog

Posted on April 27 2020


Exercise is a big part of our daily routine and it’s even better when we have a furry friend to workout with. If you own a dog, you should definitely consider incorporating it into your workouts. There are many fun ways a dog can make exercise exciting and it will be beneficial for both of you. Here are some fun fitness activities you can try with your pet.


Grab your bicycle and go for a ride. Your dog will be very excited about the opportunity to run next to you. You can have a race with your pet; it will love it for sure.  Be careful to select a route that doesn’t have too much traffic, so that your pet gets a chance to go wild without you worrying about cars in his proximity. Take regular breaks, as both you and your dog will probably get tired as you go along. You could use a cycling fitness tracker to track the distance you crossed and the calories you burned.

Walking and Running

Sometimes the classics are the best. Taking regular walks with your pet can be very beneficial for your health and it will make it very happy. If you want to step up your game, go for runs or jogs and let the dog run next to you. It is a great way to stay in shape and to bond with your animal.


Go to the park and bring a frisbee to toss around with your dog. This is a great activity that will make your pet run and jump around, but it can be a healthy activity for you as well. Don’t just stand around, toss the frisbee and while your dog goes to fetch it, run in the opposite direction. Don’t stop running until your dog catches up to you to give you the frisbee. Then stop and toss it again, you will quickly realize that this is a good workout.


If you have a beach, river or pond nearby, bring your dog to a swim session. Swimming is one of the healthiest and most beneficial activities you can perform as it activates the whole body. There are dogs that adore the water and would love to swim alongside you. You can even combine swimming with playing fetch to make it more interesting for your pet. Of course, not all dogs love water, so don’t try to make it go inside if it doesn’t want to. It will be just as happy to run around on the beach while you go for a swim on your own.


If you are planning to go on an outdoor hiking adventure, don’t forget your furry friend. This will be an amazing opportunity to bond with your pet and to spend some time in nature together. Dogs rarely have the chance to be in the real wilderness and they will really appreciate it. There are many physical activities you can do together on a hike. You can always walk through a forest, climb up hills, check out some beautiful vistas, etc. You can combine a hiking trip with any other kind of physical activity, like running, playing fetch or even swimming if there is a lake out there.  

Jump Rope

This is actually a combination of fetch and jumping rope. Take a ball and throw it as far as you can. When your dog starts running to get it, grab the jump rope and keep jumping until your dog gets back with the ball. Take the ball from it, throw it again and repeat. This activity will prove to be quite an exercise, and you are both having fun.

Watch Your Pet

All of these activities are great for both you and your dog, but you need to watch it closely. Sometimes dogs get excited and don’t show signs of fatigue on time. Take regular breaks to prevent this and to see if it is alright. Also, bring a lot of water with you, for both you and your pet. It is very important to stay hydrated with any kind of physical activity or exercise.