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The Bulletproof Ways To Show Your Dog Extra Love

Posted on April 16 2021

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Image source: Muhannad Alatawi from Pexels


Dogs are part of our families. We are happy to have them nearby, and they are happy when we show affection.

Regardless of how much we love our four-legged family members, sometimes life gets too hectic and you might feel that you have neglected your furry companion and think that it has not gotten all the appreciation it deserves.

Although dogs do not have the same range of emotions as humans do, they develop a close relationship with you. If you own a dog, you know this instinctively, but you might be wondering how to show your dog exactly how much you care about it.

The good news is that there are plenty of ways you can show your dog how much you love it, and help strengthen the bond. It does not take a huge amount of time in your already full schedule. Some simple deeds and gestures in everyday life often go a long way.

In the article below, we’ll look at some bulletproof ways to give your dog extra love.


Get the Right Pet Insurance

Nothing shows more love and dedication to the dog than taking care of its overall well-being and health. After all, the dog becomes a beloved family member, and pet owners get petrified of the thought that something might happen to their furry friends.

What is pet insurance, you may wonder? It’s a worthwhile investment, a safety net, that will end up being one of the most beneficial decisions you make for you and your dog.

Should your pooch suffer from an illness or accident, you will need to rush to the vet office and the cost of this can easily reach astronomical sums and this is where insurance comes into play.

Veterinary care can require advanced diagnostic equipment and treatment in the same way as when it comes to caring for people and the expenses can be immense if you don’t have dog insurance. It is therefore important that you as a dog owner make sure that you can give your dog the care it needs in all situations.

It is impossible to predict the future, so it is best to just get the best insurance for them and know that any large costs will be covered. A good insurance policy is the one that will make you feel calm and ready for any unforeseen situation.


Exercise Together

Nothing strengthens the bond between you and your dog quite like doing something energetic together. It does not matter if you take your dog for a walk somewhere you both like, or if you play a new game with it. Spending quality time together tops the list when it comes to showing your dog that you love it.

There are many reasons why it is a great idea to exercise with your dog. We already know that exercise is important for our health and makes us feel good. Ensuring that your dog gets enough physical activity means that it too can enjoy a healthier lifestyle. In short, when exercising with your dog, you both win.


Proper Nutrition

Image source: Daria Shevtsova from Pexels

What dogs can or cannot eat is not always easy to know, especially when your doggie swallows everything it sees even if it is bad for the animal.

Nutritious dog food should be well composed and contain everything your dog needs, that is, protein, fat, minerals, and vitamins in the right amounts. What dogs should eat, and how much, is also determined by their breed and size, age, and activity level. There are special feeds that are adapted for puppies, young dogs, and senior dogs. Don’t forget to indulge your dog with treats and snacks that should make up no more than about 10% of the overall diet. How your dog feels can also affect what it should eat. Maybe your dog has a sensitive stomach or skin and needs a special diet.

When you pay attention to its particular needs and aim to provide balanced healthy food, the dog will feel happier, stronger and it will surely feel loved and taken care of.


Give Them Their Own Space

By nature, dogs are pack animals and they are completely pleased to be in your company all the time. However, they need to rest as much as we do, and their sleep patterns are not exactly like ours. Instead of having a long period of sleep as humans, dogs nap during the day with active periods in the morning and evening.

To make sure they get enough sleep, they need to lie down in a quiet place and out of the way. For some homes, the corners of the living room will do. If your home is particularly chaotic, a dog bed in the corner of your bedroom may be a better option.

If your dog spends time in the garden without company, you need a safe perimeter to keep them away from the neighbor's garden and street. Have a dog house or shaded area where they can escape the sun and rain to keep them comfortable outside.


Don’t Forget Grooming

Image source: Henar Langa from Unsplash

The act of grooming your dog is not just about trying to make the animal look good. Few things say "I love my dog" more than making sure it always has a well-groomed coat. In addition to looking beautiful and healthy, fur care is also a great way to tell your dog that you love them.

Both you and your dog benefit from the time you spend together brushing its fur. Take the opportunity to take care of it, caress and pat it, scratch it on the stomach or behind the ears, and if it has behaved well, you can also give it a useful treat.

Some dogs are more tolerant when it comes to fur care than others so do not force your dog to be still longer than it wants to. However, most dogs love to be pampered, even if it's just an excuse to sit on your lap. Fur care is not only good for the dog's health but it is also a very good way to strengthen the bond between you as it brings you closer together.


Final Thoughts

Dogs have different personalities but in general, they are not complex creatures. They have physical, mental, and emotional needs and if they are fulfilled, you’ll have a devoted and happy-go-lucky friend.

Many dogs are content with nothing more than food and protection. But the quality of food and protection can make or break their happiness.

A dog's naturally happy state can disappear if not provided with the proper veterinarian care, exercise, and grooming.

It does not take much to win your dog's affection, but make sure you also give them the proper care that we mentioned in the article as this is the best way to show your unconditional love. Love comes in small, everyday actions. If you are consistent, you can bet that your dog will be happy and healthy.