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Raise a glass to your furry BFFs!

Top Ten Gift Ideas for Animal Lovers

Posted on January 20 2020

By Jasmine Patel 




Trying to find the perfect gift for the animal lover on your list? It’s a safe bet most pet owners already have tee-shirts and sweatshirts with their favorite breed on the front. So, consider choosing items that are pawsitively whimsical.


1. Something Intoxicating



Who doesn’t want to celebrate with a glass of bubbly every now and then? The animal lover and friend will never have to drink alone. A glass of Mëow & Chandon is just what the vet ordered for your favorite feline. Maybe they’re more of a beer person. A ‘Bark Brew’ is fun and safe, since it doesn’t contain hops, which is toxic for dogs.  Funny or quirky items are popular right now as a way to express ourselves and provide a bit of a chuckle for others. 


2. Specialized Treats



While everyone else is chowing down on chocolate this Valentine's Day, why not send the love of your life a safer alternative for their pet. Lactose-free ice cream made especially for cats or dogs won’t upset a pet’s stomach and is a good way to share the love of that frozen treat. Oven-baked doggie bones made especially for Fido will show him that he’s loved. Or getting a healthier yet tastier legume dog food is also a great option since they include high amount of proteins and nutrients. Not only will they enjoy the taste, but absorb all the necessary nutrients as well.


3. A Trip to the Groomers

Every dog needs his day at the spa! While most pooches aren’t exactly thrilled about taking a bath, they’re more likely to fur-give and fur-get about it when someone other than their master is doing the dirty work. A gift certificate to a local dog groomer may get everyone’s tail wagging.


4. Pillows

For those animal lovers in your life who don’t need another piece of clothing to add to their stuffed closets, consider a gift that will add both style and comfort to their home. Pet-inspired pillows are a great way to soften up a space and can be easily moved from room to room. For a picture of your friend’s cat or dog, check their Instagram account and create your own masterpiece. It’s easy to add pillows to couches, recliners, beds, or even used in a cozy corner floor spot for pets to rest. 


5. Something for the Busy Pet Owner

Consider making life easier for the animal lover in your life by giving them an automatic food or water dispenser. The dispensers come in multiple sizes and styles, and most work on gravity and include a large tank that only needs to be refilled weekly or less. You may also consider a poop-pick-up service. A pooper scooper will save a pet owner loads of time and help improve their relationships with their neighbors.


6. Automatic Litter Box

The cat lover in your life will breathe a sigh of relief when opening this gift. Just about every cat-alogue includes an electric self-scooping model complete with trash bags. You may want to include a scented candle to make their home completely odor-free. 


7. Pet Bed



Having their very own place to catnap may keep Scruffy and Fido off the furniture and give them a space of their own. Both the animals and their owners will thank you for this gift. Add a fuzzy blanket to the package so Fido will no longer leave dog hair over his ower’s bed. Sleeping in their comfy cat bed also keeps Scruffy and Fido fresh for their evening shenanigans.


8. CBD Oil

If your friend’s dog is a constant barker, he may just be anxious. There’s nothing more calming for dogs and cats than CBD oil. A drop of oil added to the pet’s food can make a world of difference. Always consult with a veterinarian before adding something new to the pet’s diet.  


9. Custom Portrait

A personalized portrait of the animal lover in your life along with his or her best friend will live on forever. Perfect for the person who hounds you with stories about the cat or dog’s latest amazing feat.


10. Entertaining Toys

A cat scratching mat or catnip-filled toys will keep the feline lover’s pet entertained for hours, and may just save the furniture. Keep in mind, you won’t be fur-gotten when you show up with a bag full of treats and toys!


A former veterinarian’s assistant, Jasmine Patel, has parlayed a love of animals into a career of advocating for and writing about her furry friends.