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Raise a glass to your furry BFFs!

Wine Now Available for Dogs!

Posted on October 04 2016

"Dog Wine is here from! This wine is Fetchingly formulated for Dogs, non-alcoholic, infused with organic bacon extract and enriched with salmon oil, this makes a tail wagging treat!"

Cape Coral, FL– Florida based Pet Winery is making waves in the pet industry with their new introduction of Dog Wine! This non-alcoholic, bacon infused and salmon oil enriched beverage comes in a 5 oz wine shaped bottle.

The Pet Winery has a classic white and red wine available for purchase in 5oz bottles. With catchy names like FetchMe Grigio and FetchMe Noir what’s not to love?

Whether you need a 5:00 pick-me up, or having a night with your friends, now your best Canine friend can join you. Just pour them a glass and let them enjoy. 

As most people know, Salmon Oil is rich in Omegas3’s Fatty Acids. This has been proven to help skin conditions in dogs and leave them with a shiny coat.In addition it has a number of health benefits such as; helps with arthritis, reduces shedding, important in brain and eye development of puppies, supports healthy kidneys and heart just to name a FEW!

With dog owners wanting to give their pets the best of everything The Pet Winery is stepping up the game. Enjoying a drink with your dog can make for a closer bond, a good laugh, or a lonely night better. Make sure you head over to their site for more information and fetch your Pawfreind a bottle today.

“More wine, less bark, fetch some for you canine today!”

About Petwinery: The Pet Winery was founded to create healthy wine beverages for your feline and canine friends. They are animal enthusiasts, and work hard to make products that are non-harmful, vitamin enriched, healthy and safe for your best pawfriend. They are located in sunny Florida and only use US organic products to ensure the highest level of quality. All products are produced in a food grade lab in a ISO7 clean room.

Shop their site today—visit today. Don’t miss a beat, find them on Facebook here, or follow them on Instagram @PetWinery