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Meet Ginger Rogers 30223

Ginger Rogers is a long hair girl about six years old. She needs a grooming session right now. Ginger has a very horsy sounding meow. She does try to groom herself but does need help with her long hair. She was ok with being brushed. Ginger loves attention and loves to chew toys like strings and toys. She has an absolutely beautiful fur collar. It matches her, beautiful and a gorgeous lady. Come check out this beauty!

Every year millions of unwanted kittens are born! It might seem that adopting one cat won't make much of a difference, but to this one kitty it would make the DIFFERENCE OF A LIFETIME!

Please visit the shelter to see all of our cats. Our office hours are Monday - Saturday 12:00PM - 5:00 PM

If the cat/kitten you select has not been spayed/neutered, you will be required to return the animal to the shelter at a later date for this mandatory surgery. This will be explained to you at the time of the adoption and this surgical procedure is included in the adoption fee.

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