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Beatriz was picked up by animal control and taken to a rural South Carolina shelter after being hit by a car. She was at the shelter for three weeks and no one claimed her. 

During that time, her injured back leg was in a splint that wasn't checked regularly and settled wrong. Once she came into rescue with Sinbad Sadie Second Chance Rescue ( and we had the leg checked, it could not be saved and had to be amputated. 

Beatriz has been in a foster home with Sinbad Sadie Second Chance Rescue since February and we have nursed her back to health with the help of various specialists (an orthopedist and a neurologist) and lots of swim therapy at WagNSplash ( Though all of this she was an excellent patient. She is extremely tolerant and calm.

Beatriz can now get around just fine, though she needs a house with carpeted floors (or a carpet pathway), and she needs help going up more than one step. So a home where she lives on one-storey would be best.

While that part of her care is higher maintenance than some other dogs, Beatriz is VERY low maintenance in other ways. She's very quiet and docile. She doesn't chew up anything. She doesn't get up on furniture. She's great about eating her food and using the bathroom when she goes out. 

She's becoming "braver" but she is still scared of new people. And she probably needs to be the only dog/animal in the home. As she gains confidence it is possible she might become okay with other dogs, but we can't be sure.

If you are looking for a sweet, very laid back dog, who just wants to follow you around the house and sleep at your feet then Beatriz is perfect for you.

If you are interested in Beatriz, please request an adoption application (this doesn't commit you, it just means you are interested) by sending a message to this page.

Thank you for considering adding Beatriz to your family

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