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Cheers to the Felines and Canines! The Pet Bar is now open!

Cat Bar

Welcome to the CatBar! Home of the original Beverages for Pets!

Here at PetWinery, we have made it our mission to bring to life our favorite drinks for our pets! 

Here you will find our rendition of; Champagne and Wine

Meow&Chandon:  formulated so you can now pop bottles with your cats! This 12oz bottle is the perfect Ròse. Blended with filtered water, organic catnip, salmon oil (wild caught) and organic food coloring.

Purrgundy and Meowsling:  Purrr-fectly formulated for cats of all ages. Non-Alcoholic, catnip infused and enriched with salmon oil. This feline treat won't only make your kitty silly but is a healthy treat that will keep their skin healthy and coat shiny! Salmon oil is packed with Omega3's! 



Try some for your kitty today! 

MEOWzers it's good!


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