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Cheers to the Felines and Canines! The Pet Bar is now open!

Pet Creamery

Welcome to The Pet Creamery!

At Pet Winery, we are animal enthusiasts! We develop healthily and delicious treats for your beloved pets to enjoy!

We would like to introduce a new spin on our FAVORITE summer treat Pet Cream! 

Now you and your fur-friend can both enjoy a scoop!

For the Dogs:

Barking Bacon - a pawsitivley delicious blend of lactose-free whole milk and bacon.

It's as easy as Mix, Freeze and enjoy!

For the Cats:

Pet Winery has done it again! Introducing the first ever ICE CREAM for CATS! 

Screaming Bonito - a puurrrfectly delicious blend of goat milk and bonito (fish) flakes.

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