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Cat Ice Cream Topper - Kitty Sprinkles



Love our cat ice cream but wish you could make it into a SUNDAE?


Well, now you can! Introducing our newest addition: Kitty Sprinkles Ice Cream Topper!


Kitty Sprinkles is a high quality blend of Catnip and Silvervine. This product can also be used to spruce up old toys to make them interesting to your fur friends again.


Ingredients: Organic Catnip and Silvervine


*Always consult with your veterinarian before introducing something new to your pet's diet.

Customer Reviews

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Robyn Contente
Fun for the cats!

Cute idea! Haven’t seen if they like it yet...

Most innovative product since the iPhone

This is amazing. I truly believe pet winery’s innovations such as ice cream and sprinkles for cats have put them on par with or leading companies like Tesla and apple in the innovation race. These sprinkles have magical powers. I put a little sprinkle on the ice cream and my cats pizza and cheeto become unbelievable cats able to lift cars with their minds. Able to stop all crime within a 25 mile radius. They ask for the sprinkles. They get the sprinkles.