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Raise a glass to your furry BFFs!

About us

Pet Wine, Pet Champagne, Pet Ice Cream and Dog Beer, OH MY! 

We are animal enthusiasts, who have created a pawesome line up of tasty treats for our favorite fur-friends!

Pet Winery was founded to create healthy beverages and treats for our feline and canine friends. We are animal enthusiasts and work hard to make products that are vitamin enriched, healthy and safe for your furbaby. We are located in sunny Florida and only use US organic products to ensure the highest level of quality. All products are produced in a food grade lab in an ISO7 clean room.


We have created a complete line of Pet Beverages for your pet to enjoy with you! From Wine and Champagne, to Beer, and Ice Cream, we have you covered!

So fetch a bevie or treat for your pet today! They will surely thank you.


Your paw-friendly Team


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