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Front Street Animal Shelter - Featured Rescue!

Featured Rescue

Every Bottle Saves a Paw

At Pet Winery Estates we know that every paw matters. So we have decided to work together with the Shelters, Rescues, Humane Societies, and other pet adoption agencies. Each month we will feature a different agency and donate a portion of our sales to them!
You will get to find out who they are, what they do, and their mission. You will get to know the team, and meet some of their adoptable pets. But best of all, a portion of each purchase will go towards helping them continue what they do best, finding homes for their Pawfriends.
We know we are just 1 paw in this big world.....but every paw makes a difference! So let's make a difference together!

June Featured Rescue: 


Front Street Animal Shelter

 Another month mean another AMAZING rescue to feature! Welcome to Petwinery Front Street Animal Shelter! We are so happy to help you!

The Front Street Animal Shelter does far more than caring for lost and abandoned animals in our community. We provide a variety of services that protect both citizens and animals, including:

  • Transporting sick or injured stray animals that were picked up by the animal control officers to the emergency vet
  • Rescuing animals locked inside hot vehicles and from abusive, cruel, or negligent conditions
  • Impounding stray dogs, whether they are friendly or aggressive, that roam freely on the street, on public property, or at a citizen's residence
  • Administering a rabies control program
  • Helping citizens resolve nuisance problems, such as dogs barking excessively and dogs defecating or urinating on other people's property
  • Investigating dog and cat bite complaints
  • Assisting other agencies such as the County of Sacramento Animal Care and Regulation, the Sacramento SPCA, the police department, the fire department, and the California Highway Patrol
  • Educating pet owners on the importance of spaying or neutering their dogs and cats

More importantly, we keep lost pets safe and sound so that they can hopefully be reunited with their owner or adopted into a new family.


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    Adoptable Pets:

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