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November Featured Rescue: Sinbad Sadie Second Chance

Featured Rescue

Every Bottle Saves a Paw

At Pet Winery Estates we know that every paw matters. So we have decided to work together with the Shelters, Rescues, Humane Societies, and other pet adoption agencies. Each month we will feature a different agency and donate a portion of our sales to them!
You will get to find out who they are, what they do, and their mission. You will get to know the team, and meet some of their adoptable pets. But best of all, a portion of each purchase will go towards helping them continue what they do best, finding homes for their Pawfriends.
We know we are just 1 paw in this big world.....but every paw makes a difference! So let's make a difference together!

November Featured Rescue: 

Sinbad Sadie Second Chance



The Sinbad-Sadie Mission

Sinbad-Sadie Second Chance Rescue is a non-profit animal rescue working to reduce euthanasia of adoptable animals in South Carolina. At SSSCR we coordinate with area shelters to ease overcrowding and find loving, permanent homes for abandoned, abused and neglected animals.

To realize our mission we follow these guiding principles/ideas:
1. Every animal deserves a fair and thorough evaluation. Destroying an animal due to the overpopulation of a certain breed or temporary temperament issues brought about due to the stressful conditions of shelter living or having been abused/neglected is unwarranted and inhumane.
2 . Every animal waiting for a permanent home should be treated humanely with adequate opportunities for socialization, house training, and learning basic obedience skills.
3.  Animals waiting for their forever homes should be housed in comfortable, home-like settings to ensure a successful transition from adoptee to adopted.


November 3- Pazza Bella, Summerville 10 am - 6 p.m. Barkaid!

November 4- Westcott Dog Park, 9-11 am

November 4- All Is Well on Old Trolley Road in Summerville, 12-3 pm

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