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Hurricane Irma - Donations for Rescues in Need

Featured Rescue

Every Bottle Saves a Paw

At Pet Winery Estates we know that every paw matters. So we have decided to work together with the Shelters, Rescues, Humane Societies, and other pet adoption agencies. Each month we will feature a different agency and donate a portion of our sales to them!
You will get to find out who they are, what they do, and their mission. You will get to know the team, and meet some of their adoptable pets. But best of all, a portion of each purchase will go towards helping them continue what they do best, finding homes for their Pawfriends.
We know we are just 1 paw in this big world.....but every paw makes a difference! So let's make a difference together!

September Featured Rescue(s): 

Hurricane Irma Shelters in Need


As many of you know we are located in Fort Myers, Fl. Recently Hurricane Irma came through and devastated many areas of SWFL. Everglades city had 6ft of water in their homes and lost everything. Naples will be without power for a month or more, still, hundreds of thousands of people are without power. Many people in Bonita Springs lost homes due to flooding and damages. Fort Myers, Lehigh Acres, and Cape Coral have spots that remain without power, gas is a necessity, debris, and power- lines remain everywhere. 

While people are hard at rebuilding all they lost and getting the community back together, we want to focus on the pets that were left behind, saved and need medical attention, food, water, etc.

This month we are focusing on our home town and hope to help give back to the rescues in need. Instead of putting up animals to support, I have listed local shelters who could use funding. We will match what each shelter receives from donations and give 100% of proceeds to them. 

We are fortunate to have power at the lab and be able to run the business here. So we want to focus on helping those who are less fortunate. 

Thank you for your continued support.


The PetWienry Team


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